Cobra PR 4700-2 WX – Just in time for gift-giving, Cobra is releasing this new set of top-of-the-line 2-way radios featuring an amazing up to a 12-mile range and 2,662 privacy code options (22 channels, 38 privacy codes, 83 DCS codes).  Packed with great features such as: 10-channel NOAA all hazards radio to keep you tuned in to weather and civilian emergencies; VOX hands-free operation, which enables the radio to recognize when a person is speaking and automatically begin transmitting, freeing your hands for other tasks; and patented VibrAlert(r), which provides a silent alert for incoming calls.

In my tests they easily went beyond the 12-mile range in open space testing, with me on the top of a hill overlooking a valley below, and my associate stopped away from me at the 12-mile point.  As they say, your mileage will vary, but I was impressed.  In and around my neighborhood, the signal carries further than any other similar radio I have tested.

It’s great for dads — keep track of kids while at the amusement park or mall this summer, stay in touch with your kids or buddies while on a backpacking trip, etc.  It’s great for grads — stay in touch while caravanning in your cars on the way to the beach or a summer trip, keep in contact with your friends while taking that last big trip to Europe with your college pals, etc. MSRP: $69.95 for the pair or $79.95 for the value pack (which includes desktop charger and rechargeable batteries).  I found the value pack without the charger and batteries for only $56 at!  For as long as it’s good, here is the direct link to the deluxe pack.

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