Charge 2 Go – Here is a MUST-have $20 gadget for all dads ‘n grads (and for almost ANY cell phone user whose phone poops out on power while away from the charger).

I first saw this gadget at this year’s CES in January and it was love at first sight.  I thought it was the hit of the show!  So useful for so many of us.  It’s a reusable AA cell phone battery charger and it really works well.  Four connectors cover most popular phones.  It’s a simple, slam dunk just get it suggestion.  Get it?  You’ll love it and use it. Plus, just having one available and ready to go provides peace of mind.  Keep one in the car or one in a business case or backpack, even in a pocket or purse for the ladies!  Four colors from which to choose, it even comes with a Duracell battery to get you started.   Just connect it to the phone’s charger connection, and get up to three extra hours of talk time, up to 90 minutes of standby time.  Replace the Charge 2 Go battery when the job is done and it’s ready to go again, and again, and again.  May be used with rechargeable batteries for greater savings over time.  It works!  Just select the proper phone connector and order it.

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