It’s about time!  One of the hits of this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) was, for me, the demonstration of Maxtor’s Shared Storage Drive.

There I was in the Maxtor suite at CES, sitting on their couch, and watching content streamed from computers in the suite. There, on the TV and through the attached audio system, I watched photos, listened to music, and, through the nearby computer, saw that I could access all manner of data content on the shared drive from any computer on the network.  It was so simple and straightforward. I really liked it and immediately wanted one.  Now, it’s here and available and you will want one, too.

I have seen other solutions, but none have been really right, without a little “gotcha.”  This one’s right.  The ONLY thing still not quite finished is the software for the Mac.  Though I saw the demo using Macs at CES, it was in beta only and is not ready yet, but I am confident it will soon be ready for Mac use.  C’mon, Maxtor and hurry up with that Mac software!


Here’s the deal.  The special drive has two USB ports to connect and share a USB printer and for another drive.  With Maxtor’s exclusive Drag and Sort, users can quickly organize their date on the drive.  All that is needed is to drag or copy documents to a special folder on the drive, and it automatically sorts them.  This includes music, photos, movies, software or documents.  Brilliant!  And, I might add, simple, just the way I like it.

I installed the software on three networked PCs and, with the drive connected to my router, it was found immediately.  Then, I followed the prompts through setup completion.  It was THAT easy!

Get this for yourself and share your stuff with everyone on the network, easily.  It’s the perfect addition to your high tech home!

Available in 200GB capacity for a retail price of $300 and in 300GB size for a retail price of $400, I think it’s priced right, too.  Find them at most major US retailers, distributors and online stores, as well as at Be sure to do a search for “Maxtor shared storage” using a shopping site as I just did at, where I saw delivered-to-me pricing as low as $324 for the 300GB model and $262 for the 200GB model.  Info is at or call 1-800-2-MAXTOR.

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