WiFi Radio?  What’s wrong with regular radio and what about this new HD Radio?

“Regular” radio has problems today, and especially AM radio.  There are more and more sources of interference in homes so that clear reception is becoming problematic. Have you ever tried to listen to AM radio in your office? It may be impossible.  The new HD Radio requires special HD Radio receivers and some argue that it is not worth the significant added cost.  By the way, HD does not stand for High Definition.  The term was chosen because it suggests something analogous to High Def so the public will think it is High Definition.  At its best, it’s better than standard AM and FM. The signal is digital, and there are additional sub-channels available, but I digress.  On the other hand…

WiFi radios are devices that appear to be somewhat normal table-type or large portable radios, but they’re not.  A WiFi radio is really a little computer that connects to your home, office or other available WiFi signal.  Once connected either wirelessly (WiFi) or wired via Ethernet to your router as some radios allow, the user has access to many thousands of radio stations and other content worldwide.  Why bother?  A good question.

WiFi radio listeners can select stations from around the globe as well as many local area and other stations from across the US. Now, radio listening is not limited to the listener’s local market area.

The new $215 CC WiFi Radio is just such a device, and we know it is an excellent example of a quality product because it is from the always-reliable C. Crane Company.

Once set up, the CC WiFi radio can listen to the BBC, comedy stations, talk radio from anywhere, old time radio, more music genres and stations than there is time to listen, many podcasts, even your own music already on the computers in your home or office by pulling them over the existing network.

What I love about the CC WiFi Radio is that it has a small footprint, at just 6.5” wide by about 4” high and about 4” deep, and great sound.  The included credit card-sized remote control allows quick access to the up to 99 stations stored in the unit, as well as volume, control over networked music and more.  Other CC WiFi Radio features include a headphone jack, line out for use with component speakers and alarm clock function.  This radio is equally at home on a kitchen counter, desktop or at bedside.  It’s small enough to take on vacation anywhere there is available WiFi.

For an idea of the stations available to this and other WiFi radios, visit www.reciva.com.  This is the Website used by this and numerous other WiFi radios as a starting point to find stations to your liking that are known to work with these radios.  There, users can establish a free account and register this and similar technology radios so that the stations a listener likes can be added to a list, and then sent over the air to the radio for recall.  Find stations by genre, as well as location.  If a favorite radio station is not listed but you know is available via WiFi, then it can be added manually.  Additionally, users can simply cruise through thousands of stations manually via the radio itself.

The CC WiFi Radio brings back the fun of radio listening to anyone who longs to listen to the old stations from the places of their youth, a favorite vacation spot or even to get clearer reception of many local stations, plus being able to stream music and other audio content from local computers on the home or office network.  It is quite remarkable.

I love radio. It’s where I started my broadcasting career, but I can’t stand the interference I now get when I try to listen to many local stations.  Now, that problem is solved, for the most part. I can’t get all my local stations, but most of those I want are available via WiFi.  I also enjoy listening to news from around the world.

Get a new CC WiFi Radio and listen to what you have been missing.  WiFi radio just may be the next big thing!

Order online at www.ccradio.com or call 1-800-522-8863.

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