Sears yes Sears, the department store that has been part of the American landscape dating back to 1886 (READ about Sears’ history).  Sears has just about anything anybody needs in so many areas, from clothing and appliances to hardware, tools, automotive supplies and service and more.  Now, there’s something wonderful and NEW from the venerable Sears and you’re going to love it – the Sears Blue Tool Crew, a FREE service, too!  Continue reading, please.

While attending the recent National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, my friend from Aspen Diversified Construction, Inc. invited me to a Sears Blue Tool Crew reception.  Curious, and a big fan of Sears as far back as I can remember, I had to see what it was all about.

Exuberantly enthusiastic Crew Members were there to launch and tell the story of the NEW Sears Blue Tool Crew.  I tried it right there on the spot and was hooked.  What a great concept!  Ah, but what’s is all about?

Did you know that Sears has America’s largest selection of tools, with over 400 brands and more than 30,000 tools?  It’s true!  The Sears Blue Tool Crew is everyone’s go-to for LIVE by-phone assistance from trusted advisors in selecting just the right tool for the job, for gift giving and also for help with just about any DIY (Do It Yourself) project around the house.  They’ll even connect callers with a technician for further advice assistance, if needed, and all of it is FREE.

Visit (Preferably in a new browser window so you don’t lose this one) to see what it’s all about.  Go ahead, I’ll wait . . .

See the phone number listed there near the bottom – it’s 1-877-4BLUCRW (1-877-425-8279)?  Calling will connect you with a Team Member from one of several call centers.  In my sample calls, I spoke with men and women from all over the country who spoke and understood English perfectly!  There are Spanish speakers on request, too! From there, go ahead and ask, put them to the test.

Do you want suggestions for dear old dad?  Tell the Team Member about what dad likes to build or fix and let them suggest a new tool from among the hundreds of brands and thousands of tools Sears sells.  Tell the Team Member your budget and get suggestions. You may buy at that time or make note of what you want and make the purchase yourself online or visit the store (If the item carried in your local Sears).

How about a new starter tool set for the grad about to make his or her mark in the world in his or her first apartment?  There’s a tool set for that, actually several from which to choose.  Or maybe you, the caller, know exactly the tools, the actual specific tools you want – a claw hammer, a flat screwdriver set and a Phillips set, a couple of pliers, large and small, a pair of adjustable wrenches, a 10-foot tape measure, and a few other essentials of your choosing.  The Blue Crew Team Member will put it all together for your order by phone.

Here are a couple of innovative Craftsman tools I learned about recently that may be perfect for your gift-giving needs.

How about a uniquely designed and convenient to use Craftsman 8-way DOG BONE wrench (in SAE and Metric), an unusual, useful tool, that’s only about $20?  See, there are four sizes on each swiveling end? How clever is that!

 Or this innovative Craftsman 11818 Nextec 12-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammerhead Auto Hammer for $100?  It nails nail heads efficiently, effortlessly, and has a magnetic head.  It comes with a quick charger and an extraction tool to pry out nails, as well. Cool!

What if you have a project, such as a home repair, changing a kitchen faucet or another fix-it, fix-up project?  If the Team Member to whom you are speaking is not proficient in advising on that request, the Member will have someone with the necessary skill set call you back!

And it gets better!  Of course, you may call directly, but you may, while on that page above, take advantage of their callback service.  See the  button near the top at the right, just under the “GO” button?  Click “Call Me” and a windows opens, shown below, to enter your callback number, then click the Talk By Phone button.

The call comes to the caller in just a few moments, with the opportunity to choose a Spanish speaking Crew Member when it’s answered, as well.

So, there are TWO ways to take advantage of this terrific new service by phone, but that’s not all!  On the main page, at the lower right, you may also connect with the Sears Blue Tool Crew through social media links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where there are videos on a growing variety of helpful topics.

I mentioned above that you will speak with a “trusted advisor” and that is all true. It’s in the company’s interest to satisfy each of us, right?  I can’t help but be impressed by my experiences with this new service. I’ve spoken with friendly and experienced sorts who were of immediate help and also found in my sample calls that the Team Member felt it best to defer to someone with more experience and even suggested a Sears professional repairperson call me to answer another question.   Each and every call I made was a cold call, without warning or the Crew’s knowledge that I would be calling.  I made calls from different phone numbers to assure spontaneity.  And I was quite impressed!

I also know that any Craftsman hand tool purchased comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.  Now, that’s confidence!  I’ve broken a few Craftsman tools over the years, and I have never had a problem visiting my local Sears store tool department and getting a FREE replacement on the spot.  In rare instances that the tool I broke is no longer made, I’ve been invited to choose a similar, new model.  Period.  That’s one reason why so many of the hand tools in my arsenal bear the name Craftsman.  I’ve amassed quite an eclectic Craftsman tool collection, some of which have been inherited and are more than 60 years old, as well as many I’ve received as gifts I was so pleased to receive, in addition to those I’ve purchased starting when I was a pre-teen.  Yet, despite what I already have, there’s always something new and exciting from Sears I’m itching to add to my set.  When it comes to sending our Gadget Family Children out in the world on their own, I’ve turned to Sears to get them started with their own essential household tools.

It’s that trust factor with Sears tools.  I know the Craftsman tools are of outstanding quality and will stand the test of time.  They’re not priced outlandishly, either.  Great quality at a fair pride and often I find terrific sales on tools at Sears!  You’ve got to have and use the correct tool for the job!  Having the correct Craftsman tool provides me the confidence that I, my children, and even Mrs. Gadget all have tools available to us that will not let us down.

Just by stopping at that Sears Blue Tool Crew reception I was introduced to something quite wonderful, something I really like, that now I have tried and can easily, confidently recommend to you.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Give them a call or check them out online and get advice on a DIY project or a great tool for someone special, including you!  Order for delivery or buy online for in-store pickup, if available.  Gift-wrapping may also be available!  Just ask.

Still in its infancy, this Sears service is sure to grow into an even more useful “tool” for consumers who, now more than ever, need advice from someone we trust.  I trust Sears. They’ve never let me down.  Try the Sears Blue Tool Crew, from wherever you happen to be, at home, at work or out and about.  The Sears Blue Tool Crew is available from 4am to midnight daily, that’s 365 days a year!  Thank you, Sears, for giving us all another reason to love shopping with you!

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