Still my favorite catalog retailer for high performance radios and LED technology.  I’ve been a customer and recommended C. Crane Company to you for more than 20 years.

Bob Crane is in the business of making his customers happy, so you can be sure of customer satisfaction from the ordering process through to using and enjoying what it is that was purchased, for yourself or as a gift.

My favorites include their outstanding, best-in-class radios – the CCRadio 2; LED lighting products – flashlights (my favorite CC Trek), amazing, almost magical power-saving LED light bulbs (especially their exclusive GeoBulb) that last for years and years and will save big money on electric bills (learn about the technology here); my favorite and highly recommended pillow speaker (See my review HERE); and Wi-Fi Internet Radios, to name just a few.

The CCRadio-SW has super reception on everything of which it is capable; AM, FM and Shortwave. Shortwave is something old and unfamiliar to most consumers today. It’s radio from around the world and fun to explore if you have the time and some patience.  It’s an opportunity to slow down from today’s typical fast-paced life and listen to and learn about the world through radio.  This world-class instrument is well worth the effort. If super portability is what you want, get this CC SWPocket, the best $50 hand-size portable around. With AM/FM and Shortwave AND with 200 memories, just try to fill them up! LED ceiling lights A pair of AA alkalines powers it for 70 hours, too! Here is a list of shortwave frequencies in their countries of origin that the company has compiled for your convenience.

Another unique C. Crane product is the CC Witness.  If you’ve ever wanted to record your favorite radio shows, your voice or to do these PLUS have a dandy MP3 player, this is it.  As powerful as it is compact, the new CC Witness is a product that is long overdue.  Use CC Witness to record from connected Wi-Fi radios, too!   Click the link to it above and you’ll say WOW as I did.  Compatible with Macs as well as Windows computers, I love this compact powerhouse.

One more recommendation before I go . . . is for the CCRadio-EP at only $70. If you love radio, and I hope you do, and not just while in your car, and if you want a budget-priced excellent radio, do not overlook this one.  It’s a simple AM/FM radio with Bob’s legendary reception capability. This is an analog radio, like days of old. Powered by FOUR D batteries, expect around 250 hours of use on a set or user the included 6V adapter. Turn the dial and watch the indicator slide across the dial. It’s a no-frills model that delivers great reception, great sound, better than any other in its category and highly recommended. Be sure to click the link to see about this radio and while on that page, click to listen to the excellent, descriptive review explaining all the features and benefits.

Really, I could go on and tell you about other recommended products from Bob’s catalog. The best advice is to click the company link above, have a look at my recommendations on their Website and then call to discuss your interests (even to ask for help in locating the products mentioned above), and then buy with complete confidence.  Call the helpful, friendly C. Crane folks at 1-800-522-8863.


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