In your house, have you all caught the bug yet?  You know, burning CDs and DVDs.  Whether making music mix CDs or creating DVDs from new or old footage, the finishing touch is the label.

I have lots of older CDs I have burned with cryptic permanent marker writing that somehow tries to impart the disc contents. It is never quite as good as I would have liked, had there been Avery’s AfterBurner ($25), the easy and fun way to label discs.  It will also make a wonderful, and inexpensive, Father’s Day gift!  Click HERE to visit the product-specific page and be sure to click to see the demo.  Everything will become crystal clear!

Everything needed to get started is in the box, fully compatible for both Mac and Windows.  Labels get printed on your inkjet printer. Click N’ Design software includes 5,000 high-resolution graphics (photos, clip art and other images).

Create truly professional looking labels that help organize the content – music and photo collections; make gifts and collections for family and friends; start by labeling a special “I Love You” DVD or VideoCD for Dad, created using another Father’s Day find, Pinnacle STUDIO MovieBox Labels cover the full face of the disc, so there is plenty of real estate to fit graphics and lots of text in clever and unique designs.  The kit includes the AfterBurner Applicator, Click’N Design 3D CD labeling software, white matte CD/DVD labels and also jewel case inserts. There is also the new mini-CD size available for those 2 1/2-inch CDs using the same applicator. I like another new label, Metallic FX CD, using patented technology, graphics and text to print out with a metallic finish, still on home inkjet printers.  These new styles are available in refill kits sold separately.

A unique applicator design helps apply labels smoothly and without wrinkles and bubbles.  The “No-Touch” labels eliminate the trouble of manipulating sticky surface labels.  Unique label tabs make it easy to position the lable, locking it into place on the applicator without “label curl” for perfect centering every time.  It really is easy to do it right every time.  That’s why I like this product.

The software could not be easier to use.  With so many formatting possibilities, there is something for every need, and the ability to be totally creative.  Really, why wouldn’t you use it and give it as a special gift for dad?

Label refill kits are readily available and come in White Matte Coated ($15) and Glossy, Metallic, Clear ($18). Jewel case insert refill packs are in Matte ($15) and Glossy ($18).

Because it is from Avery, you know it is top quality and made to work perfectly every time.  And, because it’s from Avery, it’s available at retail electronics and computer outlets, mass merchandisers and office product superstores nationwide.

For more information about Avery-brand products, visit the Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products Web site at or call the Avery Dennison Consumer Service Center at 1-800-GO-AVERY (1-800-462-8379).

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