I had a feeling I would like this new handheld labeler from Brother even before I saw it.  I was counting on the fact that it would be similar in operation and performance to the other Brother P-Touch labelers I’ve used in the past.  I was right!

The new Brother PT-85, which you might see referred to as the Brother Home and Hobby III, is a wonderful little product dad and the rest of the family will love.  It might even be fun for dad to organize the home, office, kitchen and workshop with one of these.  It’s the kind of product he’ll find useful for many years.

The labels come out with a professional look to them.  The lettering looks that good! Labelers from other manufacturers that I’ve tried just can’t match the quality that Brother delivers consistently.  It’s so versatile I can’t imagine anyone not loving to have one of these.  This really is a no-brainer.  Another winner from Brother, delivering great products we all will like.  I’m totally satisfied with mine.  Just get one for your dad and he’ll be happy, too!

Here are the quick details about the Brother PT-85 Electronic Labeling System:

• Handheld with LCD display

•  Prints in 9 type styles: normal, bold, outline, shadow, italic, italic bold, italic outline, italic shadow and vertical

•  Prints in 5 type sizes: 10 pt., 10 pt. extended, 16 pt., 16 pt. condensed, 16 pt. extended

•  Prints up to 2 lines

•  Uses 3/8-in. and 1/2-in. tape widths

•  Text framing and underlining

•  Operates on 6 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included)

•  Includes one 26-ft. 1/2-in. “M” tape

•  Prints in black letters on durable color tapes

•  Priced at less than $40*

• Available at office equipment retailers nationwide

•  More info is at the Brother Website HERE.  Get right to their specific info on the PT-85 HERE.

•  *Still can’t find it?  Search for “PT-85” (without the parentheses) on Google, and you’re sure to find it at a great price!

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