This is the newest iteration of the original and well-received Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin introduced for use with iPods in 2006. In the words of the old TV commercial, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

It’s now the “Zeppelin Speaker with Wireless Streaming via iOS and Android Compatible Bowers & Wilkins Music App with Built-In Alexa.”

The history of the B&W fabled Zeppelin is in the linked article from

Bowers & Wilkins is a top notch British speaker designer and maker with nothing but excellent reviews, so feel confident with the quality of anything bearing their marque.

The new Zeppelin’s shape may be the same, but modern technology is built inside to provide 240 watts (according to the B&W Website’s specs) of clean, clear, room-filling stereo in the excellent tradition of all B&W speakers. Measuring about 8.25” high x 25.5” wide x 7.5” deep and tipping the scale at 16 pounds, it will be a comfy fit on a wall with the optional wall mount or on the deck of a credenza, dresser or anywhere there is the space for its package.

The new Zeppelin is easily and quickly paired with iOS and Android mobiles and with the added connectivity commands from built-in Alexa, Zeppelin is and always has been a visual and audio work of art. In all ways simple to operate, she is smile-producing to all listeners who can appreciate the solid sound from such an unusually shaped package. The latest iteration of the Bowers & Wilkins app melds basic settings with connected content from Bluetooth-connected mobile devices and a growing list of content providers (more on this later).

Whether perched for service in a bedroom, office, kitchen, separate workspace or anywhere there is power (yes, she needs to be plugged in), the newest Zeppelin is sure to please as a premium audio product for the discerning customer.

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Open the box, read the paperwork, download the mobile app, plug her in, launch the app, update firmware if applicable (mine was), Bluetooth-connect with mobile devices, one at a time.

On the back panel towards the top are the power button, volume buttons, play/pause, and Bluetooth setup. Alexa was set up easily through the iOS app and she responded when summoned. The Alexa function was easily defeated with the press of the Alexa button for five seconds, turning off the mic.

Lower and hidden in the recessed back panel are the reset button, power cord plug and USB-C service port.

Connected and powered on, then linked with optional, paid services including Deezer, TuneIn,, Tidal, Qobuz, with more to come, it’s fired up, ready to go and time to . . .


Because I am so familiar with the tracks on the Eagles Hell Freezes Over live album, that was my first stop, sent by the Music app on an iPhone. It’s my go-to for many speaker tests. Listening to Hotel California, Take It Easy and Desperado, I noted the bass response and clarity of vocals along with stereo separation while conjuring comparative memories of these tracks as heard through other audio systems with other speakers. So far, so good.

Next, some classical tracks from Apple Music’s lossless selections, including Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, Dvořák’s Eighth Symphony, and a little Yo-Yo Ma thrown in just because I love his work.

We sampled a few tracks from TuneIn, and Deezer, all with premium sound characteristics. In our subjective judgment, this B&W delivered pleasing, balanced sound imaging without being heavy or light anywhere along the continuum of frequencies, all managed through the app. Not everyone will agree, and this is where the app settings will come in handy. Make the sound pleasing to the listener.

Zeppelin also features Apple AirPlay 2 connectivity, another convenience.


In this case, value is in the ear of the beholder. With so much to offer in what is a unique, classically designed package, powerfully delivered, Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin with wireless streaming and built-in Alexa is highly recommended. It will be sure to please for many years to come. Though we cannot assure that B&W’s promise to add more capabilities and services will be delivered, there is every indication that they will. Since its initial availability in recent months, sources have been added that total those listed above.

Important to note, NONE of the premium sources are required. Send music or other content already available in the user’s music library or even from YouTube or other free resources. Send the source content from a smartphone, other wireless digital device, such as an iPod touch or old smartphone, or a computer with Bluetooth. The ease with which content can be sent wirelessly to the Zeppelin is important.

Time to go and enjoy listening to my Zeppelin.


Two year manufacturer’s warranty

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