‘Tis the season for gadgets, and with so many of them requiring AA and AAA alkaline cells, why spend more than you must?  Let’s call it “TRUTH IN BATTERIES” and it goes like this: Rayovac delivers the same performance as Duracell and Energizer alkalines for about 20% less on average.

I’ve harped on this for what seems forever.  Now, I am reminding you of the facts, borne out by my own real-world usage trials performed over many years.  I use lots of batteries!  Get more power for your money with Rayovac alkaline AA and AAA batteries!  Duracell and Energizer are fine brands, but they do not pack more power in their comparable alkaline AA and AAA sizes than Rayovac cells, so don’t spend more just to get the other brands.  It’s such a simple message: less money for the same performance with the Rayovac brand of alkaline AA and AAA batteries.  Consumers will also be wise the compare Rayovac’s prices when shopping for rechargeable batteries, high energy disposable Lithium batteries, hearing aid batteries and flashlights.

You’ll find Rayovac batteries at most of the same retailers as the other brands.  Better yet, here is a direct link to the names of retailers.

You’ll also like their 12-packs for even more savings.  I’ve seen even larger Rayovac bulk packs, so look around as you visit local retailers and also check online for good prices with free shipping.

Here is more food for thought.  According to a recent survey about consumer buying patterns and the holidays, the alkaline category sells 35 percent of its dollar volume in October-December, which means American families will spend over $600 million on batteries alone during the holiday season. This is due to an increase in the number of people spending more time in stores and having the need to power the toys, games and electronics that are given as gifts and used during the holidays.

During this holiday season, if American families were to choose Rayovac over the other two leading brands, the country could collectively save more than $120 million while still enjoying the same performance.

Thanks to Rayovac’s support, I am hitting the road on my annual national holiday tour, High Tech Holidays with Mr. Gadget® and telling the Rayovac story on TV in 15 cities!

When buying batteries this holiday season or at any time, be sure to get the freshest batteries with the longest shelf life.  Buy the quantity you will need for the near term and looking forward no more than one year, as batteries do not last forever, even when not in use.  Batteries are now date coded, showing the year through which the battery is expected to perform to its fullest when first placed in service.   After that date, it is likely that the battery will suffer a loss of staying power.  The freshest alkalines should show a good-though date FIVE YEARS from the date of purchase.  This is important unless the batteries are sure to be used within a time prior to a shorter than five year expiration date.  This means that the freshest stock would show that batteries purchased this season should be good through 2014 or later.  For the record, disposable Lithium batteries generally carry a date code that is 10 years from the date of manufacture.

The best advice on storing batteries is to keep them in a cool, dry place, such as inside the home and not in the garage.  Contrary to popular belief, storing today’s batteries in the refrigerator WILL NOT enhance freshness or add life over batteries stored inside the home or workspace in a cool, dry place.

Do not mix old (used) and new batteries.  Do not mix battery types in a device, either. That is, do not mix non-alkaline with alkaline batteries, for example.

For those with Costco memberships, Costco’s own Kirkland brand offers the best deals I’ve seen on bulk packs of AA and AAA alkaline batteries which, by my own tests, are every bit as good as all the others, only they cost significantly less than all others, even Rayovac.  However, if you don’t want or need as many as 48 batteries at a time, then buying a “brick” of Kirkland AA alkalines, even though the large quantity costs only about $11, a real steal, may not be best for your needs.

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