L.A. Cellular changes its name to AT&T Wireless today and introduces its popular AT&T Digital One Rate program to Southern California.  AT&T Wireless Services, a part-owner of L.A. Cellular for many years, recently assumed day-to-day management responsibility for the market, as well as naming rights.  The Southern California wireless market is the nation’s second largest, and represents a key strategic addition to AT&T’s network.

“Southland customers will be able to use their AT&T Wireless phones in more than 7,500 locations in the North America,” said Dan Hesse, president and CEO of AT&T Wireless Services.  “With the addition of Southern California to our wireless coverage, we’ve made a major step toward providing AT&T customers the ability to use their wireless phones across the Unites States and Canada.”

AT&T Digital One Rate

Across the country, AT&T has revolutionized wireless calling with its AT&T Digital One rate service, where every domestic call is like a local call, with no roaming charges and no long distance charges in all 50 states (credit card calls excluded).  AT&T Digital One Rate provides three calling plans – up to 600 minutes for $89.99 per month, up to 1,000 for $119.99 and up to 1,400 minutes for $149.99.  Additional minutes in excess of plan minutes are priced at just 25 cents per minute.  This innovative plan, already popular in other AT&T Wireless markets is expected to be equally well received by highly mobile road warriors in Southern California.

Seamless Transition with Services for Every User’s Needs

Current L.A. Cellular subscribers will receive a letter advising of the changes and will experience no interruption in service.  The new plans represent money saving changes to previous L.A. Cellular pricing plans. In addition to the three new AT&T Digital One Rate plans, customers may choose from other digital as well as analog plans according to their needs.  Current basic analog plans start at $19.99 and include 10 free minutes per month with 500 free weekend minutes.  Entry level monthly AT&T Wireless digital plans start at $19.99 including 30 minutes per month with 500 free weekend minutes and a promotional price of $10 for the first three months.  AT&T Wireless pricing plans compare favorably with offerings from all significant competitors, including Airtouch, Pacific Bell Mobile Services, Sprint PCS and Nextel.  In markets where AT&T Digital One Rate has been implemented, it has changed the way people think about wireless communications.  Many users now rely on their AT&T Wireless handset as the primary communications tool over traditional wired phones in the home or office.

AT&T Wireless Services Profile

AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. (AWS), a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T (NYSE:T) operates the largest digital wireless network in North America.  AWS is a leading provider of wireless communications services throughout the United States and in its international ventures.

AWS provides wireless service to more than 9.7 million customers, which includes 5.1 million Digital PCS customers.  Digital PCS is based on TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology, the most widely used digital technology in the United States.  More than 7,000 cities in North America and many countries around the world are connected through the company’s Global Wireless Network.  Coverage extends to over 95.8 percent of the U.S. population.

Popular New Handset

In conjunction with the launch of AT&T Wireless Digital One Rate, AT&T has made the new Nokia 6160 series Digital multi-network phone available to customers in AT&T Wireless markets nationwide.  One of the most important new features is a standard battery which provides up to an unprecedented 200 hours (8 days) of standby time.  In July, a new battery will become available which will provide up to 335 hours of standby time.  This new tri-mode handset will operate anywhere within AT&T’s network where subscribers can encounter standard analog (AMPS) service, 1900 MHz digital (TDMA) or 850 MHz coverage.  In addition, the less than 6 ounce palm-size Nokia 6160 series phones provide user-friendly features that include a large backlit display, calendar, clock and calculator functions, 199 name/number directory, the ability to store and call back senders of text or numeric messages and four entertaining games.

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