The finest, highest quality water-resistant radio every designed or produced!  The H201, at a new price as low as $60 is perfect for inside the shower, anywhere in the bath area, on a boat, at the beach, camping and more.

Mine is mounted on the Showerheadly wall, but is easily removed from its mount for use anywhere.  It features STRONG AM/FM performance, with a large and high quality speaker.  Made by Sangean from a design and specifications supplied by none other than . . . ME!  Yes, this is MY radio, the one I asked to be manufactured because there was no really good and reliable radio of its type. Mine sees daily use in my shower and in other wet and dry environments.  This uniquely excellent radio features digital AM/FM tuning with five presets per band and a large, easy-to-read temporarily backlit display (when a button is pushed) with accurate clock.  LOOOOOONG battery life rated at 250 hours, too!  Mine remains strong easily for about a year and a half. Included is a built in timer to turn it off, another timer to beep when you want, an emergency warning tone to alert others of the need for assistance and even a side-firing LED flashlight just in case of a power outage while using the radio.  Wouldn’t you want light in the event of a power failure while in the shower and, perhaps other places where this radio might see service?  I really did try to think of everything when I specified features for this radio.

Here is another Mr. Gadget®-inspired radio, along with son Douglas’ input. Sangean made this one for “us” and for you – the K-200, found best priced through Amazon (in white or pink).  It was thought of as a kitchen radio that would ideally occupy little horizontal counter space but with great sound, of course, long battery life plus a supplied AC adapter, and built-in 120-minute timer (for cooking or for any purpose), as well as a two-message digital recorder for memos up to 30-seconds each in duration.  With digital tuning and presets for five AM and five FM favorites.  It also features a flat membrane top panel for easy cleaning as well as an eight-level adjustable LED night-light, and more!

Sangean builds world-class, high quality radios and does about the poorest marketing job I’ve encountered of any quality products in the world. Fear not, these are outstanding products as are others from Sangean!

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