Much can be said about kitchen cutlery – good looks, sharp, balanced feel, and more. These Zwilling Pro, discovered in March at the annual International Home and Housewares Show are special and, a best kitchen knives cut above!

The Pros are:

• Undeniable ZWILLING J.A. Henckels quality

• Superb sharpness as delivered (EASY to maintain at home as needed with the foolproof sharpening advice chapter in my book, Mr. Gadget’s® Consumer Tech Guide, Volume 1).  Most cheap Knife Sharpener can also be sharpened to a supreme edge, so this is not a consideration in my view.  I “fix” all non-serrated knives putting on the best edge possible.

• Best knife feel during use of any knife experienced – it’s the 45º angle at the back of the blade, the BOLSTER. Unlike any other! Users will benefit when holding a kitchen knife “properly” as professionals advise and here. Get to know and use the knife holding method at the two links above.  This may take some time for it to become second nature, but it is better and easier than holding the handle like a bicycle handle bar. The added control one feels when using this “proper” grip is remarkable.  It is this uniqueness of the angle at the bolster that makes this series shine! Trust me that anyone serious about food prep would love to own one or more Zwilling Pro knives.  The superior feel cannot be compared with anything of which I am aware.  The samples provided are my “go-to” food prep and carving knives if they meet the need at the time. I feel I am doing a better, faster and more efficient job with these in my hands.

The sharpness as delivered and as maintained by the user should be at the upper level of longevity of sharpness, so long as they are used on polypropylene or hardwood (like teak) cutting surfaces.  NEVER cut on anything less.  Sharpness translates to safety in that a sharp knife is a safer knife. They arrived shaving sharp and have not required maintenance as yet.

Frankly, these knives will not do a better job than others that are sharp, other German brands, Japanese brands of fine knives.  They will not do a dramatically better job of cutting and chopping veggies or carving and slicing duties than even less expensive, downright cheap stamped stainless steel knives thought to be disposable, made for the restaurant and commercial trades, and known as NSF Certified.  Search online for “nsf certified knives.” How about TWO big ones for $21? Others are more, but all are considerable less than “the best” and are dishwasher safe, though I advise, still, to NEVER put knives in the dishwasher.  These will also sharpen to shaving sharp, my test of sharpness, very well using my recommended method.

HOWEVER, Zwilling Pro knives are also great looking and only these have the 45º-angled bolster.  As stated above, with proper care, they are expected to hold that perfect edge longer than the cheap ones.


NONE!  This knife series’ individual pieces are a bit pricier than many, but not most premium knives.  They WILL last more than your lifetime, and with proper care – using a knife block (great value on this one at $20, with the correct size and plenty of slots, purchased separately; NEVER even once washing in a dishwasher (how lazy can one be to not hand-wash knives?); treating them with the respect of a surgical instrument as they deserve, sharpening as advised above – through many generations limited ONLY by the care they receive.  That’s ultimate value!

These awesome smoothie cups available best-priced-found via  Favorite basics in this line include

7” Hollow Edge Santoku

 8” Chef’s Knife

or 10” Chef’s Knife

 4” Paring Knife

NOT recommended are any serrated edges, except a bread knife.  PERIOD.  DO NOT BUY SERRATED knives, including steak knives, other than a bread knife.  They are impossible to sharpen whereas straight blades are sharpened and easily honed to shaving sharp every time and easily maintained as such with my recommendation.

I do not recommend purchasing in sets, as that is not the best value.  Also, sets include items not advised (also explained in my book).

Other PRO series knives are also available at substantial discount at  See them by searching on for “zwilling pro.”  Note that these are unique.  Get these and not the Zwilling PRO S.  You are after the superb, new angled bolster design of Zwilling PRO, so shop carefully to avoid confusion.

Other brands and less expensive, still heirloom quality knife recommendations are in my book.  Think of these Zwilling PRO knives as the good stuff, possibly the best stuff, all one needs forever.

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