Laptop computers are becoming a student essential for many of our little scholars.  Unfortunately, the built-in trackpads on a laptop might not be the most satisfying for all students.  Fortunately, there are reasonably priced and perfectly performing wireless mice ideal for portable use.  My favorites for most computers and their users are from Logitech.

Last year, I recommended the Logitech V450 Nano, still a good choice at $50 (list price).

This year, I am recommending the $30 Logitech V220 cordless optical mouse for Apple and Windows PC laptops, and even for Linux-based laptops, as a perfectly fine, fun and colorful little cordless optical mouse.


What’s hot?

• Available in a variety of color options

• Feels great, ergonomic perfection with soft rubber grips

• Simple operation, as would be expected

• Side-to-side scrolling plus zoom (perfect for viewing photos)

• Up to six months battery life from just one AA battery, with battery life indicator light

• 1000dpi high definition optical technology 2.5X more responsive than standard optical mice

• Receiver can be stored on the bottom of the mouse when not in use

• Comes with Logitech’s three-year warranty – the company always backs their products well

• Inexpensive at only $30


What’s not?

• Not a Bluetooth mouse, which, for some users, is just a preference, though not an impediment at all.  This means the mouse requires the use of a USB port on the laptop.  No big deal in my book.

• No gripes at all.  This is a fine product!


How easy does it get?  Feels great to use; inexpensive, no learning curve; fun colors; great warranty; small and lightweight, yet excellent operation, as expected from Logitech.

Instead of Bluetooth to communicate between mouse and computer, Logitech uses their tried-and-true 2.4GHz technology via a supplied receiver plugged in a USB port on the laptop.  Alternatively, pop out the receiver and snap it into its appointed spot on the mouse’s underside so it won’t ever become misplaced.  Placing it in this spot also automatically turns off the mouse’s power, a smart design feature also on other Logitech mice.

There is nothing not to like.  Logitech’s excellence in this area of products is apparent.

Its optical tracking works perfectly on nearly any surface. There’s a scroll wheel and two buttons, all easily accessible just as would be expected.

The V220 is both fun and easy to use.  Users should download and use the free Logitech software to get the most from this inexpensive powerhouse.

The V220 is available at retailers including Target, Best Buy, Staples and Amazon.

You just can’t go wrong with one of these!  More Logitech information is at

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