– First there were audio books called books-on-tape available for purchase.  Then there were retail rental outlets and they started to become available from your local library. Somewhere along the path came books on CD.  About 12 years ago something truly revolutionary was started.

I immediately fell in love with Audible, the downloadable books format, and started recommending it. content is available through Apple’s iTunes Store on Macs and on Windows PCs in addition to its direct link. Content is much more than simply audio books.  Still a favorite and getting better and better all the time, is another great gift.  With plans starting at just $7.49 per month for the first three months, check it out.  Users can listen to downloaded content on the computer or on numerous brands of digital audio players and smaartphones.

The content is read with customarily impeccable style, skillfully produced. Many unabridged versions are available.   I love to close my eyes and listen to the books while traveling or simply relaxing. It’s a very enjoyable way to “read.”  Whatever is the favorite content style of the subscriber, has it – mystery, historical novel, biography, comedy, and all the rest.

Content is easily transferred from computer to numerous compatible devices.  I,  recommend and use an iPhone or iPod, along with iTunes for Mac and PC to listen to my books and other content.  To see their huge list of compatible devices, go to and click here to learn about the hundreds of compatible devices.

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