On the hunt for smartphone protection, I’ve tried Amzer’s $45 (See link below for discounted priced) Crusta cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are some nice touches and some problem areas. Crusta cases are also available for Samsung Galaxy models, iPad Mini and Fire Phone.


Crusta cases come in a wide variety of color combinations and consist of a hard plastic shell with a tempered glass back, surrounded by textured, soft rubber over the plastic shell.


Pros – Protects against many kinds of drops; reasonable price (especially when purchased at discount, such as through Amazon); protective tempered glass back built into case clearly shows off back of phone; numerous colorful choices; supplied, user-installed tempered glass front overlay does not affect touchscreen operation, rubber, flip-up plugs protect headphone jack and Lightning connector from dust.

Cons – Not confident it will stand the test of time; rubber surround band shows wear quickly; flip-up plugs difficult to set in place; tempered glass over keyboard is NOT scratch resistant and is delicate, may be damaged during installation. Offers little to no protection against water.


Installation was not difficult, though the slot under the button over the ringer silencer has to be carefully placed so as to properly silence or allow the ringer.


A pair of flip-up and push-in plugs on the lower edge of the case are designed to keep dust from both the headphone jack and Lightning connector.



A 360º rotating belt clip is provided, but, frankly, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are a bit hefty to wear effectively and comfortably on a belt.

Clear, tempered glass protects and provides a clear view of iPhone’s back.

Also included is what Amzer calls Kristal™ Edge2Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Touch sensitivity is unaffected. A protective film over a sticky base must be removed from the underside before precise installation. When it came to removing the topside film to complete installation, I was imprecise and ended up with a slight, but noticeable, unfortunate crack at the upper left of the protective multilayer glass. This was too easily botched, in my view.

InvisibleShield hdx, $25, is a better screen protector choice.

Now that I have lived with the case for a couple of months, I lack the confidence that the case will hold up to the end of my AT&T contract. On the other hand, at Amazon’s discount price for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases, the cost is only slightly more than for obviously inferior cases from others.

That the plugs designed to protect both the Lightning connector and headphone jack are frustratingly impossible to engage without focused, concentrated repeated effort, I have to question the design and ask, “What were they thinking?”

My beef is not only with the good folks at Amzer (and they are good folks!), but with almost all case makers that offer less than stellar protection for their precious cargo. These phones are expensive. Go ahead and destroy one, even under contract. With $99 2-year AppleCare+ coverage, replacing a damaged phone is still going to command a $79 service fee. Users get two of these. After the contract expires, replacement costs go up dramatically, unlike the service of iPhone repair in San Diego.

With these thoughts in mind, I do not understand why users don’t opt for cases with better, make that, total protection from outside elements, including water, dirt and dust and a healthy drop from about six feet. When I see someone with a shattered screen and NO case, I have to wonder about the user’s smarts. But, that’s just me. I admit it.

I am spoiled by such full-coverage cases costing up to about $100. The case cost is factored into the phone’s total when it is purchased. I don’t mind an unobtrusive case in exchange for the best protection I can find. Hey, these phones are NOT cheap, especially the new iPhones with maximum memory. I want it to last beyond its carrier contract!

And I know there are millions upon millions of smartphone users who are pleased with absolutely no case on their phones or with cases more fashion than protection. As well, there are myriad other functional case designs. Most others are just not my preference.

Remember, NO case could protect against a direct, significant, center screen hit, nor should it be expected to do so. The best cases can absorb side impact and, with outer edges built up over the level of the screen. A drop that hits on a corner should be absorbed and protect screens from damage in many instances. Here, Crusta cases should do the trick.

In conclusion, for those expecting modest protection in an attractive, rugged-looking case, Amzer’s Crusta cases ought to please.

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