A personalized gift makes so much sense for moms, dads, grads and just about anyone for any occasion.  For many years one of my favorites has been and remains the outstanding quality of GG Bailey customized, personalized automotive floor mats (Be sure to check them out!).  Now, take that same mindset of personalization and apply it to what Coveroo has to offer for mobile phones, iPods and other items, starting at only $9.95 to an average of $59.95 and up, depending upon the device.

Coveroo applies laser etching, with many available in the new HighColor process, to the removable, replaceable backs of supported devices.  What is purchased in most cases is a NEW device back cover, identical to the original, etched with a graphical (and possibly textual) choice from among a growing list of licensed and other images.

I’ve seen several samples.  Each has the look of precision and quality I think is not only professional looking but unique among gifts.  In our meeting, I was impressed with the passion and care expressed for the special nature of what it is they do.  This is the kind of entrepreneurial company with big ideas that translates into satisfied customers.

Designs are crisp and sharp, as would be expected from a laser-based process.  The designs will not fade, rub off or collect dirt as would some of the skins or other mobile phone alternatives.

Ordering is done through their Website. As you will see, select the phone or device, then the artwork, either custom or from their own library, see the price and order.  It’s that simple.

Fans can choose from all 30 NBA team logos and current NBA superstars when creating a sporty Coveroo that best represents their fanhood. Each logo is $19.95 and also available in HighColor for an additional $5.00

Comic fans can currently choose from Marvel Entertainment’s characters such as Captain America, Spiderman, The Hulk, Thor, and Wolverine – a particularly timely addition given the movie’s release on May 1, 2009. Each design is $19.95 and also available in HighColor for an additional $5.00.

Get a Coveroo for yourself to show your friends, and then get one for them to show how much you care! Order a flower design ($19.95) to celebrate the spring season or a heart ($29.95) to demonstrate your loving side. Or, show off your favorite character from The Simpsons ($19.95) or classic American brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels.

Increase your luck and carry a four-leaf clover in your pocket. This four-leaf clover design is $19.95 and shown on a Blackberry Pearl 8110

Submit custom artwork and Coveroo will apply that, too!

When ordering service for an iPod, you will be ordering not a back cover but an entire NEW, and custom etched iPod, the complete product.

Coveroo has licensing deals with a growing number of franchises as well as the ability to translate your own creativity into that custom made look directly on the back of the device.  Then, every time the recipient uses the device and sees the customization FROM YOU, it’ll warm his or her heart, knowing you cared enough to do as you did.

Coveroo is the company with the “have design, will apply it” capability!  Already, a Who’s Who list of celebrities have been early adopters of Coveroo services and you know what it takes to satisfy their pickiness!  They like Coveroo and so will you.

How about customizing a laptop, Nintendo DSi, or other device?  Check that out HERE.  You’ll also find a link to email them any questions you may have before ordering.  They will respond promptly.

Isn’t this a smart idea! Instead of just having one among millions of devices of the type he or she has, he or she can have one specifically, uniquely personalized.

Cool stuff, Coveroo!  Now, get going and make someone happy with the personalized touch from you and created by Coveroo.

For more information, peruse the Coveroo Website or call 1-866-369-9046.

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