I thought it was me, and that the problem was not widespread. After research, I discovered otherwise.

Not a fan of the original Apple AirPods due to poor battery life AND that the left one did not stay put, when AirPods 3 was announced, I ordered through Best Buy the day it became available for pre-order at $179. Excited when they arrived, I stuck them in my ears and discovered the awful truth, that, once again, the left one easily became dislodged, fell out and skittered across the floor.

This was not good! I looked online to see if others were experiencing the same issue. Gratified to find that I am not alone, I puzzled about my next move for a few days. Then, I saw that the new Beats Fit Pro was available for pre-order for just $20 more than the AirPods 3 at $200 and available in four colors.

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With a look at the specs showing a little WINGTIP and with the promise of virtually the same sonic quality as AirPods 3, I returned to Best Buy. The counter person said he gets AirPods returns for the same reason, “all the time.” Out with AirPods 3 and in with Beats Fit Pro that feature longer battery life, noise cancellation with transparency mode, sweat proof design for your workouts and cool colors.

After unboxing, I followed the simple directions for fitment and, what do you know! They not only fit but they stayed put, firmly in my ears, That little Wingtip that goes into the fold of the outer ear did the trick.

Here are some screen grabs from the Beats Website showing the wingtip flex (Credit Apple):And because the Beats brand is under the Apple umbrella, these buds just worked, including doing an acceptable if not perfect job on phone calls! As a bonus, Beats Fit Pro is also compatible with the Android universe, unlike AirPods. Watch the demo at the Beats site.

AirPods 3 comes with a case featuring Qi charging capability and a Lightning cable port. Beats Fit Pro does not have a wireless charging “Q”i case and comes with USB-C charging. Big deal! All the sonic features are there in both. Beats Fit Pro also connects with my Windows PC in addition to Macs.

I have been enjoying listening to Apple Music with Spatial Audio lossless and Dolby Atmos with buds that stay in my ears and provide excellent sound for the money.

The simple take-away – Skip AirPods in-ear models and step up to Beats Fit Pro. Look for sale prices as they are often discounted, thought not as yet. Don’t be tempted to get AirPods just because they may be discounted. Paying full fare for Beats Fit Pro is your best bet. You’ll forget all about the higher price once you experience the fit and performance.

And finally, for those of you leaning toward AirPods Max, the Apple over-the-ear $550 cans, save your money and buy Sony WH-1000XM4 for less than half the price.

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