I’ve looked into specialty desk and bedside lamps when on the hunt for what would be good for student bedrooms/study areas and dorms. With LED technology on the ascent, the Aeonic 2 was particularly attractive for any user, and I knew it would be worth a look because everything offered by my friends at C. Crane Company is more than just good, or they won’t sell it.

C. Crane’s Aeonic 2 LED Lamp, $120, is a stylish desk lamp, with touch-sensitive buttons on the surface of the base AND, as a bonus, a USB charging port at the rear alongside the power adapter plug.

The long head contains an array of three rows of nine LEDs each.  The magic happens when the user touches the backlit Power symbol.  Touch iconic symbols, in addition to the backlit Power symbol on the control area to select from four modes and other controls (as per product instructions and pictured above):

• Reading Mode – Daylight White Light stimulates concentration and reduces eyestrain

• Study Mode – Cool White Light increases attention and concentration

• Concentration Mode – Warm White Light promotes relaxation

• Bedtime Mode – Reduced Warm White Light encourages sleep

• Timer – Button sets one-hour timer.  Power symbol flashes when Timer is set, and stops flashing if Timer button is again touched, defeating timer

• Brightness up and down arrows – increases or decreases brightness AND remembers the last setting for each lighting mode

And it works!  Both Mrs. Gadget and I have used the light both as a work light and reading light.  I’m using it now on my desk as I write about the product. It is without peer!  We like the features, ease of use, and most of all, the ability to select lighting color temperatures AND the range of dimmability. And then there’s the useful timer!

I was told by an eye care professional that this type of lamp may be helpful to cataract sufferers.  Until the cataracts are “ripe”, patients often find it difficult to focus in harsh light and fight eye fatigue.  The lighting customization afforded in the Aeonic 2 may provide a range of choices enabling cataract sufferers to see better, longer, without fatigue that may be more prevalent when using other artificial light.  Clearly, I am out of my depth when it comes to anything in the medical field, but this all makes logical, intuitive sense to me.

In our trials with the lamp, its light has proved pleasing throughout the daylight hours and into the nighttime darkness. Having never had the opportunity to be so selective with changeable color temperatures in one device, from daylight white all the way to the softness of warm white and the reduced warm, both of which seem ideal for nighttime bedside reading.  Setting the timer allows us to drift off after putting down the book without having to wake to bight light we forgot to or were too tired to switch off.

Aeonic 2 should also be considered as a best-in-class lighting choice for student use at home and away at school. With 40,000-hour LEDs and a high quality build, the lamp should last many, many years for any user, making the investment a value, especially in view of its high degree of custom lighting settings.

Expect to see not even a blip on your electric bill as compared to whatever this lamp replaces.  LED products sip electricity as compared with incandescent and even CFL lamps which are designed as similar task and specialty lighting.  I’ve popped back and forth between a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) changing between daylight white, cool white and warm white color temperatures.  None are as pleasing as is Aeonic 2.  In this ONE lamp, all the different color temps are built in and generate little heat, though the head feels warm, not hot, when the lamp has been on for a little while.

It is unlike any reading or other purpose nearby lamp I’ve experienced. I expected it to be a better-than-good product, as indicated above, but I did not expect it to be exemplary.

The ONLY thing that might tend to put off uninitiated consumers, other than the higher-than-expected price (well justified by its performance and expected longevity) is that not everyone will fall in love with the style.  That’s it. Like all furnishings and most consumer products, even cars, aesthetics play an important role in the buying decision.

I hope consumers pay attention to what the C. Crane Aeonic 2 LED Lamp has to offer, and give it a try.  I believe it will more than please most consumers beyond any pre-conceived expectations.

Buy directly from C. Crane online or call them at 1-800-522-8863.  They also have the best customer service and nicest folks answering the phones for any questions or taking phone orders of any retailer I have experienced.

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