Here is a last-minute addition to my recommendations of products ideal for your high tech home, and for so many other situations.

For many years I have recommended that if you have only one printer, make it laser.  They can have a low purchase price and they certainly cost little to operate as compared to color inkjet printers. I have said that the color printer is great, as a second printer, because they cost so very much to operate.  We’ll cover some of the recent color standouts in another article later on, but for now, think about this:

With a laser printer, you can just print and print, and the cost is as little as a couple of pennies per page, more or less.  With those economics, I say, just print it!

Now, one of my favorite laser printer makers, Samsung, has introduced what I think looks like a great performer at a great price.  The new SCX-4100 prints in good laser black and white, scans documents at up to 4800 dpi in color, and makes copies. Plus, it’s heavy duty enough to have a stout 10,000-page monthly duty cycle.  Affordable at a price of $200, this is great for sharing in a central location in the home or small office, and, though off the topic of the high tech home, I think it would also be perfect in a dorm room.

I’m going to do some more testing on this model in the coming weeks, but I am confident enough in what I have seen so far to clue you in at this early stage of my testing.

Now, here is where it gets better.  With the capabilities of this unit, I think it is also ideal in a sharing situation, say, in your home or small office, with four or five in the family, each capable of printing to this gem, thus making it an even better investment.  If scanning or copying are needed, just bring the documents to the device and get the job done.

Just connect the SCX-4100 to the Maxtor using USB, as if it was connected directly to a computer, install the standard software on each networked computer, and everyone can share the printer.  It’s pretty easy, and certainly economical.

I’ll let you look it up to see all it can do, but watch for my own in-depth review within about six weeks.

Think about it!

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