November 27, 2019 – Forget messy, cumbersome jumper cables with 70mai Jump Starter along, and charge mobile phones and tablets, use its LED to light the area, blink SOS or flash, all for a surprisingly affordable cost!

Yes, aptly put, this IS insurance in its little carry bag. It is also so much more. Think about it. For yourself, as a gift, for your children to have with them in their cars. Take it along daily, minus the jumper cables, in a backpack or bag to charge on-the-go with its 5V/2.4A Type-C output (More on this later.) Brilliant!

Its Lithium battery should hold its charge without use for at least a few months, based upon my Lithium battery experience.

How much does it cost?

So glad you asked. It is online HERE and through the link above with a current everyday price of $53, a better price than any other devices of lesser capability of which I am aware. HOWEVER, through December 12, 2019 there is a Black Friday deal for just $45!! As I have seen on the linked website selling 70mai Jump Starter, shipping in the US is a low $2.11.

Do check it out. I don’t sell anything. I make nothing here. I’m just passing along my review and recommendation to you.

Manufacturer’s specs include:

– 600A peak current and 11,100mAh battery capacity: Jump start a 3.0L vehicle up to 40times on a single charge

– Eight intelligent functions to ensure users’ safety and protect the unit from damage

– Designed for 12V vehicles with up to 4.0L gas, 2.0L diesel engine cars, SUV, motorcycles, trucks

– Equipped with 5V/2.4A TYPE-C Output, to charge your smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices.

Use the built-in LED in any of its three modes – ON, blink and SOS.

Seriously, what is NOT to love about this? Nothing I can foresee.

Hmmm, how would I test it? I need a car with a battery no longer capable of starting the car, which is difficult to find when you need one. My “Aha!” moment came as I prepared for a visit with good friends back at former home turf in SoCal over this Thanksgiving holiday week. I always like to share new and packable toys with my friends, so I placed a few of them in my carry-on bag for the short flight from Tucson. AZ to LAX.

Unpacking my goodies at my friends’ home, I showed off the product boxes and left it at that for the time being. I said how wonderful it would be if I encountered an eligible vehicle (explained later) with a dead battery while here. As luck and good fortune would have it, my friend has a car that sees little use. You know what follows! Yes, deader than the proverbial door nail. After sitting unused for many months, his zippy old 2001 VW Jetta VR6 with 2.8 L V6 didn’t even “ding” when he put the key in the ignition. Instrument lights glowed, but trying to start yielded only dimmed instrument lights and not even a click. What a perfect opportunity to try this new gadget!

Click the following link to watch the magic as it happened on its first test-> 70mai Jump Starter in use, showing the dead battery respond, the engine roaring back to life when my buddy turned the key. I had already pressed the little “boost” button on its connected wedge-shaped block. And that was that, a successful proof of concept.

On what vehicles can 70mai Jump Starter be used?

Ah, the “eligible vehicle” info. You see, this product is not going to start a big truck’s engine. That takes more oomph, more juice, the kind available from a BIG battery jumper or thick jumper cables, the kind the road service trucks carry. Those days can be in your past except in extreme cases in which the vehicle has an engine beyond the capacity of 70mai Jump Starter. Today, most car engines are in line with these values, but be certain of what the 70mai Jump Starter might be used for before purchase. Its specifications list a maximum of 600A cold cranking current, which, to my knowledge, should start most cars and light trucks, but certainly not as many as the up to 40 jump starts per charge in its specs.

This is so simple to use, anyone can do it without prior experience or training and without the anxiety one might feel when thinking about jump starting a car. Open the hood, find the battery, which on some cars has a snap on/off protective cover and maybe even snap-closed protective battery terminal covers. Locate where the battery cables connect and take a breath. Now, look at any indication of “+” or “-” symbols on the battery adjacent to each place on the battery where the thick cables connect. Even if you cannot see the “+” or “-”, one of those cable is red and one is black. Not enough light? Use the built-in LED to find your way.

Next, plug in the connected wedge-shaped block into the side port on 70mai Jump Starter that is under the pictured DC CABLE flap connect the cables as you think to be correct. Be sure the power is OFF on 70mai Jump Starter before plugging the block into the side. The power lights will then go on for a few moments, and then off.

Next, connect the clamps to the battery. Press the power button to see the row of power indicator lights ON, which can be seen in the photo above – the one with the bright LED flashlight visible. If the light above the word “correct” is on after applying the clamps to the battery terminals, press the “BOOST” button and, within 30 seconds, start that vehicle!

Thanks to its built-in protection circuitry, 70mai Jump Starter will let you know of a fault. There is no harm in trying 70mai on a vehicle that exceeds the engine sizes listed above. If the need is exceeded, 70mai Jump Starter will let you know by not starting the car, but it’s always worth the effort to try.

How to use 70mai Jump Starter, according to the manufacturer:

  • When the green light is turned on, the connection is correct and the battery can be jump started.
  • When the red light is turned on and a buzzer sound can be heard, the clips are connected to the wrong ends. Connect the clips correctly and make sure the green light is turned on before jump starting the battery.
  • When the green light is flickering and a buzzer sound can be heard, the voltage is too low. Press the boost button and wait till the green light stops flickering. Jump start the battery within 30 seconds.
  • When both the green and red lights are not turned on and no buzzer sound can be heard, the battery [auto] may be completed damaged. Ensure that the clips are connected to the correct ends. Press the boost button and wait till the green light is turned on. Jump start the battery within 30 seconds.

Easy, really easy.

Feeling intimidated?

Here is my remedy: Give it a try before need! Do a trial run by going through the connection and jump starting steps on a perfectly fine car. Sure, that car does not need jump starting, but practice unbagging and plugging in the block to the side of 70mai Jump Starter, seeing what a good and proper connection looks like. Then, connect to the battery in an unaffected car for practice. You can even put the clamps onto the battery incorrectly to experience that kind of fault, and then reverse the cables to the correct way, red to red, black to black. Once connected correctly, press the “BOOST” button and start the car. Your comfort factor should increase dramatically.

View the included instruction manual:

As easy and forgiving as 70mai Jump Starter is to use, jumper cables are NOT the least bit forgiving if incorrectly connected, which is why I NEVER recommend their use by the inexperienced or untrained person. What’s more, using traditional jumper cables requires that another vehicle be nose-to-nose with the dead car or alongside it. Avoid a possible traffic hazard or injury from one by using 70mai.

And what if the dead car is nose-in to its parking space or in a place that another vehicle cannot be within range of jumper cables? Well, now you can forget about it. I love this thing!

That said, if you did not hit the link in the first sentence, here it is again. Read the specs and then give some thought to what the engines are that might see this gadget attached. Again, 70mai Jump Starter will work for most cars and even some light trucks.

Now, let’s explore what “5V/2.4A Type-C output” means for most of us.

The charging cable that came with your device – tablet or phone, for example, probably has at one end a standard USB end. Plug that end into the USB port on 70mai Jump Starter. The other end simply connects to your device. Press the power button on 70mai Jump Starter and charging begins. Simple. Done.

All of this in a battery the size of a portable power bank for smartphones.

The internal battery is specified at 11,100mAh. Even the largest battery in a phone or tablet is less than a third of this capacity, so you’re going to get at least a couple of full charges to your device and still have reserve for a jump start.

How many vehicle jump starts does anyone need on one charge of a 70mai Jump Starter? Thinking of extremes, it is conceivable that one would need it for the first start of a dead battery. Then what?  Once started, and assuming the car’s charging system is not the cause of the dead battery, it is the belt-driven alternator that does all the work, keeping the battery charged AND supplying the juice to keep the engine running and all the accessories. No belt or faulty alternator? Jump starting will NOT keep the engine running for long.

The alternator in your car is like a wall outlet in your home, so long as the engine is running. At home, we plug in and power is there. If your power is out at home, there is no juice going to the wall outlet. If there is no power coming from the alternator, there is no power to recharge the battery. That’s all folks.

Even with a nearly flat battery not the result of a charging system problem, after jump starting using 70mai Jump Starter, it should be possible to drive as needed to a destination, then stop, and then restart with another jump, and so on. This is a lot less inconvenient than trying this scenario with a set of jumper cables. With 70mai you only need yourself each and every time a jump start is required, though I certainly DO NOT RECOMMEND OR ADVISE running around in a car with a dead battery and relying on 70mai for an extended period of time to jump so you can go. Get the car fixed!

With your charged and ready 70mai Jump Starter in the car, help others. Consider helping someone stranded and in need of a jump start now that you know it does NOT require jumper cables. Do a good turn and feel good for having helped your fellow travelers or commuters. I’ll do the same. I’ll give it a try, knowing that the circuit protection prevent damage to my 70mai Jump Starter if I attempt to jump start beyond its capacity or make a connection error.

As always, thanks for reading.

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