Here is another of my favorite kinds of consumer tech – simple, transparent, useful. 3M Privacy Screen Protectors help keep nosy strangers from snooping on your tech toy when out among the public.  See?  Simple!

In addition to the privacy aspect, they also help protect the display fro dust, dirt and scratches.

Available in popular sizes custom fit for smart phones and iPad, they are also available in universal trim-to-fit sizes.  Models for tablets start at $34.  Those for smart phones start at $15.

In my tests of the product to fit iPad, 3M Privacy Screen Protector does as advertised.  When looking straight on, I hardly noticed it was in place. Skewing my viewing angle off to either side, as if “snooping” on my own iPad, the screen appeared black, as it is supposed to do.

I noted no more propensity toward finger prints than the display sans protection, and cleaning those smudgy prints proved no more of an issue than normal.

Application is straightforward. I made certain that the iPad was powered off.  Then, I used a lint-free microfiber cloth to do the best screen cleaning possible.  After removal of the sheet from its packaging, I peeled the backing and carefully placed the protector in place, minding the cutout for the main button at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it. Another 3M product that is altogether likable, useful, and necessary!

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