3M Mobile Privacy Film is just what today’s mobile warriors need over the displays of their mobile devices!  For around $10-12, it’s an affordable investment in both privacy and guarding against scratches and scrapes on the display.

Think of how vertical blinds operate.  As the blinds are turned, they allow more or less light to pass at certain angles.  If you are on the wrong side of that angle, the blinds block your view through the glass.  A thin 3M Privacy Film on your mobile phone or other small smart device acts much the same, with a unique microlouver technology that makes LCD screens appear dark when viewed at an angle.  Private info stays private!  Keep your banking info away from prying eyes, as an example.

I’ve tested and recommended 3M Privacy Filters for laptops, and these products are a natural progression of that technology.  They are simple, inexpensive, easy to apply and are long lasting.

Here are some quick facts:

  • Helps prevent others from viewing sensitive information on mobile devices.
  • Protects mobile display from scratches and scuffs.
  • Reduces glare with light matte surface.
  • Works with all stylus displays and most resistive displays.
  • Maintains a high level of display brightness.
  • Uses a removable full surface adhesive that eliminates air gaps between film and display and does not leave an adhesive residue.

They are available in these sizes:

  • 1.9” diagonal (30 mm x 37 mm screen) for Nokia™ 6085.
  • 2.2” diagonal (35.3 mm x 43.6 mm screen) for Sanyo™ Pro 700 and Sanyo™ Katana Eclipse.
  • 2.3” diagonal (35.3 mm x 45.3 mm screen) for Samsung™ M520.
  • 2.3” diagonal (40 mm x 42 mm screen) for Blackberry® Pearl 8100.
  • 2.3” diagonal (40.5 mm x 40.5 mm screen) for Palm® Centro™.
  • 2.6” diagonal (39.8 mm x 53.5 mm screen) for Nokia™ N95.
  • 2.6” diagonal (46.5 mm x 45.5 mm screen) for Palm® Treo™ 700p.
  • 2.6” diagonal (52 mm x 40 mm screen) for Blackberry® Curve 8310, Blackberry® 8830, Samsung Blackjack™ II, and Motorola™ Q.
  • 2.6” diagonal (54 mm x 40 mm screen) for Blackberry® 8700 series.
  • 2.6” diagonal (55.5 mm x 35.5 mm screen) for Blackberry® 7290 series.
  • 3.7” diagonal (52mm x 78 mm screen) for iPhone™ in Phone Mode.
  • 5” diagonal that can be custom cut to fit any phone.
  • This is a partial list.  Coverage for more phones is added regularly.

Find them at www.Shop3M.com, www.CDW.com, and other online retailers. For more information, go to www.3MSkins.com.  Note that the films are also available for a diverse mix of other devices, so be sure to peruse the site well.

I’ve tried them on an iPhone and some BlackBerry models.  The results are quite satisfying.  The film goes on easily and stays put, yet it can be easily adjusted and removed without leaving residue.  For iPhone, for example, there are two types available – one for phone mode, that is, up and down viewing, and one for landscape or widescreen mode.  The one for phone mode affords privacy while the phone is vertically oriented, yet allows the user to see the screen fully, without privacy, in landscape mode, such as when watching videos.

Thanks to 3M’s sponsorship, I will be privileged to demonstrate their Mobile Privacy Films on TV during my upcoming annual 15-city High Tech Holidays with Mr. Gadget® national tour.  I’m looking forward to the reaction I will (or won’t) get as I travel with an iPhone equipped with the filter.

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