Top 10 Indispensable Household Gadgets – #1

Read the how and why about this list from the top of the #10 post, then come back to read about CC Trek Flashlight.

CC Trek Flashlight is so much more that just a flashlight. This is my #1 Indispensable Household Gadget. But, a flashlight? The right flashlight is indispensable!

Try being in the dark when it is not planned? It’s not fun and can be dangerous and unnerving. Whenever and wherever light is needed, this effective, 4-LED, $30, shockproof gem (and waterproof to 160 feet) is at the ready. It throws enough light to view immediate surroundings, cook, take care of shower and Vanity Units bathroom needs, check out a car problem, find something that has fallen anywhere, signal for help, see something that needs attention in the home and so much more.  It’s small enough to fit in a purse or backpack.

This is my daily grab ‘n go light for all circumstances not requiring a powerful flamethrower of a flashlight, of which I have an assortment.

Can your flashlight do all of this? Most flashlights, even other LED flashlights, will provide their light for as little as two hours before the light dims or fails completely.  While I admire many others that are much brighter, virtually all the others focus on brightness as the performance benchmark, with relatively low run times. Here, my good friends at C. Crane were different and more thoughtful, as you will learn.


No other flashlight of which I am aware has the unique CC Trek capability to provide over 40 hours of full brightness light on a single set of (included and installed) three “AA” alkaline batteries, with useable light for over 100 hours after that. I’ve proved these numbers time and again.

It is reliability personified, which is why it’s my #1 household indispensable. I think a CC Trek light should be in every home’s utility drawer and in every car’s glove box, and that’s just for starters. They are strategically placed all around Gadget Central, ready for a power failure (we get occasional earthquakes, you know) or for any need, including walking the dog or helping a friend. One is in the glove box of each of our cars. I never travel without one and have gifted many of them over the years. Everyone can benefit from at least one.

The CC Trek flashlight effectively changes the idea of only occasional flashlight use. Because battery life is so extreme, so exemplary, consider using THIS flashlight in many circumstances. I don’t know about you, but before the CC Trek, I avoided regular use of flashlights because I hated when the batteries would dim the light after so little use. I hated it when I dropped a flashlight and the bulb’s filament would break. Now, there is no reason to avoid use.

As a flashlightaholic, I have quite a collection of very bright large and small flashlights, but none can hold a candle to the utilitarian value, simple, reliable and long-lasting performance of a CC Trek flashlight.

How bright is the light from a CC Trek? Let me put it this way:  When it’s dark, a little light goes a long way. These provide much more than a “little light” that I find just the right amount when needed most.

My proof has come during many trials – earthquakes AND during travel when, for example, the lights went out the moment I opened the hotel room door on a visit to New York City. It was pitch dark inside and out. Power was out all night long over a multi-state area, but I was never in the dark. I kept that CC Trek switched on, perched upright in the room’s coffee carafe. I went out on the street and helped countless others with that light. Over many, many years, CC Trek flashlights have never failed me. I have the confidence that a CC Trek will NOT run out of juice, even during a prolonged power outage lasting several days, and it’s simple and inexpensive to replace the batteries.

(I buy batteries at Costco where their Kirkland Signature AA alkaline batteries currently cost about $12 for a pack of 48. This is by far the best price available for high quality AA batteries that, in my testing, last every bit as long as the other popular name brand batteries at a fraction of the cost.)

A durable and reliable twist to turn ON/OFF head and elasticized wrist lanyard complete the package, available in both black and yellow. CC Trek flashlights come with a 5-year limited warranty.

No flashlight with an incandescent bulb can withstand the bumps and deliver the longevity of service promised by one of these. Besides, LED flashlights are becoming the standard. That’s great news, but beware and don’t bother buying inexpensive impulse-directed lights. They are worthless, in my view. Look at run time along with brightness. Sure, it’s fun (for some of us) to have high-performance flashlights. Just be sure to have one or more of these, too.Here you can Find aluminium guttering at

CC Trek LED flashlights are from my good friends at the C. Crane Company, the best online retailer of a wide range of useful and unique radios and lighting products, and so much more. At only $29.95, you’ll want several.  Call and speak with an exceedingly friendly and helpful professional at C. Crane (in the beautiful little northern California town of Fortuna), 1-800-522-8863, or order online at


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