It’s springtime, warmer weather is just around the corner, hopefully and thankfully, and this is the time each year when we explore what’s new for your High Tech Home.  We’ll also remind you about some of the tried and true ideas that are not so new, yet still recommended.  Let’s get started!

NEW! Duracell Pre-Charged Rechargeables for Cameras, Toys, Games, MP3 Players

The Latest Technology in Fellowes Shredders – The Front Line of Defense Against Identity Theft

Looking for a Windows Notebook? Check Out Gateway M Series, Includes the Kitchen Sink

Get Intel Inside Your New Notebook Computer – Do Some Spring Cleaning!

Digital Home Security – Do It Yourself with InGrid

Finally, DIMMABLE CFLs from GE – Better, More Energy Efficient Lighting for Your High Tech Home

Get GrillGrates and the GrateTool for Superior Grilling, Starting NOW!

CC WiFi Radio – the Next Big Thing?

Edge Brownie Pan for TWO Chewy Edges on Every Serving – for More than Great Brownies

Gryptonite Multipurpose Non-Skid Gripper Should Be in Your High Tech Home

Foot Flush, the Hands-free, Germ-free, More Sanitary Way to Flush

Mr. Gadget® Tests Kohler High Tech Toilets, Seats for Your High Tech Home

JarPop Still the World’s Easiest Jar Opener – Every High Tech Home Needs One

Daylight in a Tube – the New QuadLite Super LED Turbo Conversion Kit for 4-D Maglite

Portable Power for Laptops, Phones, Games, Cameras – Cordless Inverter – Just What We All Need

Banshee Docking Speaker Station for iPod – Different Design, Clean Sound, Fun, Priced Right for Your High Tech Home (or Dorm Room)

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