I love this time of year!  High school and college students are moving on, either to college or past that, on to their lives and careers after higher education.  Dads are honored for their roles. Families are off for the summer, and that means family time together.   Ah, it’s wonderful!This year there are challenges we have not seen in recent memory. The cost of car trips, air travel and just about everything else is up, up, up.  Value is more important than ever.  With this in mind, have a look at my picks for great gifts and other ideas for getting the most out of the season.  You’re welcome!  Dads AND grads, we honor you. And to everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful summer season. Have some fun, relax as much as you can and before you know it, it will be time to get back to school again!  Eek!  Forget I brought that up, please.  Let’s just concentrate on fun.

Many of will be taking what someone has called staycations.  We’ll be staying close or at least closer to home.  That does not mean we will be bored and do nothing.  Some of us will visit available local attractions rather than traveling far. Museums? Parks? Local camping? Overnights nearby at resorts close to home?  Lots of entertaining at home.  Instead of spending summer money on gas, air travel and other away-type expenses, many of us will still spend money on comforts at home.

By that I mean some will use the allotted travel money to get a new flat-panel TV, a new Blu-ray high definiton DVD player, a new computer, take in lots of movies in theaters as well as at home (Netflix or Blockbuster Total Access accounts), TiVo Unbox and movie downloads from iTunes!).  And backyard activities will have added importance – the getaway in our own back yard.  Maybe it’s time to get that new grill and a fine device for producing the perfect mixed beverage or the perfect salsa.  Keep reading Work Boots Nerds reviews for advice!

Let’s get started . . .

NEW Bento, Exclusively for Mac OS X Leopard from FileMaker Makes Organizing Your Life As Easy and Fun As Using Your Mac

Kodak ESP 3 – New All-in-One Printer – Inexpensive, Great Performance, Powerful Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows – You Speak, It Types and Much More

Harmony One by Logitech – the BEST All-in-One Remote Control?

VTech IS6110 Cordless Phone with Built-in Internet Instant Messaging

Cobra XRS R9G 12-Band Radar/Laser Detector Alerts to Red Light Cameras, Approaching Emergency Vehicles, More

Staycations Beat the High Cost of Travel This Summer

Summer Travel Tips – A Guide for Everyone Planning A Vacation

Netflix Player by Roku – Stream Movies to Your TV Through This Little Box Using Your Netflix Account – WOW!

Any Occasion Gift Suggestions

The Latest Technology in Fellowes Shredders – The Front Line of Defense Against Identity Theft

Get GrillGrates and the GrateTool for Superior Grilling, Starting NOW!

CC WiFi Radio – the Next Big Thing?

Edge Brownie Pan for TWO Chewy Edges on Every Serving – for More than Great Brownies

Portable Power for Laptops, Phones, Games, Cameras – Cordless Inverter – Just What We All Need

Banshee Docking Speaker Station for iPod – Different Design, Clean Sound, Fun, Priced Right for Your High Tech Home (or Dorm Room)

Mr. Gadget® Tests Toilets – Kohler High Tech San Raphael™ with Power Lite® ELECTRIC Flush

Gravity Defyer Shoes put to the Test – Just Possibly the Best I’ve Ever Worn

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