Ah, Father’s Day.  Sure, some dads look forward to a gift that is the latest in fashion.  The rest of the dads look forward at this time to something more fun and exciting — electronic goodies ‘n gadgets!  Happy Father’s Day from one of the rest of the dads.

Here, fellow dads and interested others, are a few suggestions I know are sure to please:

•  Brother PT-85 – This cute and effective handheld labeler (with LCD readout!) delivers outstanding quality and ease of use at an affordable price.  Dad will have fun AND become neater and more organized.

•  Audiovox CDM-9000 Web-enabled tri-mode cellular phone.  It’s a mouthful to say, but, oh, such a sweet product it is, as I have verified by using one myself.  Dad will love to keep in touch and connected with this new phone while he’s on the go.  Easy to use, priced right and feature rich.

•  Visit Kmart exclusively to pick up a pair of these Cobra Model 80-2 ClearCall Family Radio Service (FRS) radios.  Dad can keep in touch with family and friends.  Join the fun and give dear ol’ dad something useful.  You’ve seen others with this new breed of walkie-talkie at theme parks, shopping malls, on vacation, camping and just for family fun.  A pair of these stylish communicators at Kmart are inexpensive and easy to use, yet still feature range of up to two miles.  I love mine!

•  It’s 800.com to the rescue this Father’s Day.  You won’t be lost in Cyberspace any more!  Sit, relax, click and browse while selecting from thousands of great products for dad.  800.com is a leading consumer electronics specialty retailer (in case you didn’t know!)  How about this ultra-stylish and great-sounding Sony CMT-EX1 personal audio system from 800.com for dad?  It has passed the Mr. Gadget “test.”

•  New Energizer ACCU Rechargeable batteries will save Dad money and they provide long-lasting power he needs.  A great gift for dad!  This new breed of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) consumer rechargeables are highly recommended.  One quick example – dad can take almost 300,000 digital photos with your gift of about a $25 investment in Energizer ACCU Rechargeables.

•  The new Sony DVP-FX1 personal, portable widescreen DVD player is perfect for the travelling dad (like me!).  On a plane, on a train or anywhere else, it’s great.  Even in cramped quarters, the DVP-FX1 fits anywhere.  I can tell you, the video quality on the large. 7-inch wide screen is stunning and easy on the eyes, and the audio is CD-quality, of course.  With DVD software rentals now so easy to find, doesn’t dad deserve one of these?  I know I do!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Father’s Day from Mr. Gadget!

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