Amzer Crusta iPhone Case Review

On the hunt for smartphone protection, I’ve tried Amzer’s $45 (See link below for discounted priced) Crusta cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are some nice touches and some problem areas. Crusta cases are also available for Samsung Galaxy models, iPad Mini and Fire Phone. Continue reading

Native Union Curve Twin Dock and Handset Simultaneously for Smartphone and Tablet

One can almost forget the comfort and ease with which a phone call can be conducted with the right handset. Many of us have become accustomed to life without a phone handset.  Native Union changes this for the better with their innovative products, including this Curve Twin Dock and Handset, model MM02T, retailing for $60.

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Giving Credit Where It Is Due – Read Maggie’s CNET Article for New Smartphone Buyers and Those Considering Moving from iPhone to Android or Windows Phone

CNET writer Marguerite Reardon’s recent article on the above topic is about as good as it gets in covering the issue.  I think it is a must read for anyone shopping for a smartphone now and in the future.

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magicJack PLUS Connects Directly to Macs, PCs AND Direct Connected to Router – Cheap Phone Service that Works!

magicJack PLUS, $70, builds on the success of the original product. I have had nothing but success with the original, be it connected to a Mac or Windows PC.   One year of service is included, with one-year renewals costing $30 and five years for $100.

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